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Two days of making Collagraph and Carborundum prints

These prints are made by sticking any or all of a variety of materials, e.g.  lace, wallpaper, foil, rubber bands,  string, sand paper, tape and carborundum to a base of card, ply or aluminium,  and adding impressions made into polyfiller, tile cement or acrylic .  Some prints are made from carborundum and glue alone.    […]


Click on the title of this post for the link to my newsletter which tells you about all the activities taking place at my printmaking workshop between Christmas and Easter 2014. I have a few spaces left on my weekly classes, and my longer courses and workshops are starting to fill up now, including two weekends of collagraph and carborundum printmaking. You’ll also find a general course for beginners, and an intensive three day colour course for the more advanced printmaker.

Hot Bed Press 20:20 exchange 2013

The Hot Bed Press 20:20 print exchange is an annual event which is now in its 5th year.  It started in 2009 as a project between Hot Bed Press and Red Hot Press!  Wonderful names and well twinned!  It then grew exponentially with, in 2012, 31 print workshops taking part, producing 9,800 prints by 391 […]

The handmade book – Arc-en-ciel

At last I have completed and editioned my four images for our handmade book due to be published in November.  I am one of six artists contributing four original prints each, in various printmaking media including etching, collagraph, linocut and wood engraving.  The images reflect the colours of the rainbow and are interpretations of specially […]

Colour Chaos

The expression “out of chaos comes order” often springs to mind not only in the progress of my own work but also during my printmaking workshops and this was certainly the case over the weekend! Here is the list of things that I had planned to cover:- 1. The multiple plate print (particularly in etching) […]

Friday night at the Limekiln

The opening of our show, Fresh off the Press, took place last night at the Limekiln Gallery in Calstock.  I am trying to remember if any of our previous openings were quite so busy. I arrived early which meant I had the chance to see the show in full before everyone else turned up.  It’s a mystery […]

Fresh off the Press 2013

Looking forward to Fresh off the Press 2013 – our annual show of original prints at the Limekiln Gallery, Calstock.  If you want more info. click here , and to see some of the work online, click here, and here too.

Collagraph, carborundum and fire

Following on from a course with Peter Wray and Judy Collins that I attended in the summer,  I thought it would be fun to experiment further with one or two of the techniques that they introduced  to us.  So I and a couple of accomplices took a few pieces of aluminium plate, applied parcel tape, […]