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Friday night at the Limekiln

The opening of our show, Fresh off the Press, took place last night at the Limekiln Gallery in Calstock.  I am trying to remember if any of our previous openings were quite so busy.

I arrived early which meant I had the chance to see the show in full before everyone else turned up.  It’s a mystery to me how the gallery owners, Ley and Bernie, managed to achieve such coherence out of such amazing diversity.

The show reflected the unique qualities of all the artists that work together here at Tamar Print Workshop and there were many comments about the high standard of printmaking.  I am always so impressed by what I see once everything is framed up and displayed in a gallery setting.  When I’m working with people I become as “close” to the images as the artists themselves, and very often I find it equally hard to see objectively (What help is that you might say?  But perhaps it’s better to err on the empathetic side, rather than be too disengaged and objective during the teaching exchange.)

I was struck by the number of people who were still intent on getting through to the pictures to look properly at them despite the large numbers of guests that filled the two gallery spaces.  Though to look at these photos you might be thinking “pictures? what pictures?”  Always a sign of a good PV!!  But joking apart – sales were encouraging and lots of people said they would be coming back to look again when it was quieter.

My thanks to everyone – Ley and Bernie, all the artists, and all the guests. It was a truly inspiring occasion, topped off by a gift – a beautiful bunch of flowers, now flaunting itself in a large vase on my kitchen table.

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