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Agony and ecstasy

Perhaps my title is taking the allusion a bit too far but like everything to do with the creative process, there are no ups without downs.   Downright hard grind plays a good part in the process of creating a piece of work, but there is always (or nearly always) a reward in the form […]

Friends and Families update

At last some more photos!  I was snapping away with such enthusiasm that I hadn’t realised how many pictures I had taken, and also how large.  So poor Gill and her husband had a struggle getting them to me.  Eventually I suggested they used We Transfer – a website that zips up the files and […]

Making use

A couple of months ago I attended a Collagraph and Carborundum course with the artist, Peter Wray and his wife Judy Collins.  They are major exponents of this technique and it was a particularly well organised and informative two days.   I would highly recommend it.  I came away with not only lots of new […]

August 5 day workshop

This has been a brilliant week!  Absolutely full – 8 or 9 students every day.  And now I am on my knees….which is why there are no photos….no time for even the thought to cross my mind over the last few days.  Which is sad because there were some great etchings produced – beginners and […]

Friends and Families of Special Children

Yesterday I took part in a project at Buckland Abbey where I was helping Jennie Hale atWorkshop under the Sky. It was a day with a difference!  And probably the best I have had in all the time I have been working with Workshop under the sky.   I turned up before anyone else; the rain had eased and […]