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Hot Bed Press 20:20 exchange 2013

The Hot Bed Press 20:20 print exchange is an annual event which is now in its 5th year.  It started in 2009 as a project between Hot Bed Press and Red Hot Press!  Wonderful names and well twinned!  It then grew exponentially with, in 2012, 31 print workshops taking part, producing 9,800 prints by 391 artists.

Each workshop is invited to submit 10, 20 or 30 artists to be involved.  Every artist produces an edition of 25 prints on paper size 20 x 20 cms.  In return the artist receives a randomly selected box of prints from members of the other participating workshops.  In addition each workshop receives 2 boxed sets, one randomly selected, and one twinned set randomly matched to another print workshop, each receiving a set of 10 of their own members’ prints and one set from their “twinned parner workshop”.  Follow?!

At the end of November every workshop will simultaneously launch their 20:20 with all prints being posted on the Hot Bed Press Flickr site.  One print from every artist will be kept by Hot Bed to be exhibited in a travelling show taking place throughout 2014.

We at Tamar Print Workshop took a while to work all this out but we think we understand what to expect in terms of boxes and exhibitions and launches and so on!   I am thrilled to say that we can take part this year and have gathered together 10 printmakers who are now getting down to work on their images for the exchange.  This is quite an achievement considering we are a relatively small concern.  And even more impressive will be the variety of prints to be submitted.   In progress so far we have a multiple block colour linocut and etching from Rachel Heseltine, a variable edition reduction lino cut from Dorothy Hanna, a drypoint from Ley Roberts, black and white etchings from Phil Belcher, Annette Ford and Max Burrows, a colour viscosity etching from me and a carborundum from Tanya Morel.  Fiona Smart and Gay Kent have yet to decide but, without doubt, will provide yet more variety to the mix in terms of content, style and technique.

So – something for all!


Here is my idea derived from a small painting just completed. It will be interesting to see how the etching transforms the painting.  The etching will be just 11 x 8cms.



I hope to post more of our images in progress in due course so keep watching…….