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A couple of months ago I attended a Collagraph and Carborundum course with the artist, Peter Wray and his wife Judy Collins.  They are major exponents of this technique and it was a particularly well organised and informative two days.   I would highly recommend it.  I came away with not only lots of new ideas, but also substantiation of my own knowledge of the technique. However, the work I came away with failed to show any evidence of this! This is not necessarily the point though – as Peter so rightly pointed out – it’s what you take away in your head after a course like this that matters.  And in my case it takes a considerable amount of time before anything begins to manifest in the work!

I noticed that the images I produced during the course had some really interesting elements which only revealed themselves if I masked off the rest of the image so as to isolate the relevant section.  I have capitalised on this and made the extracts into original handmade cards to sell during our Open Studios event (coming up in a couple of weeks time – 25th August to 2nd September taking place in and around the Tamar Valley). See the EVENTS section here on my website for details of my venue.  The Directory PDF will be appearing on the Drawn to the Valley website shortly so watch out for it!      Here are some examples of the cards I’ll be selling during the event and a couple of pictures of some collagraphs intact – just for interest!

Mary24 Mary23 Mary22 Mary21 Mary20