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A good use for begonias

It’s a shame I failed to get a photo of the chaos in the drive today – it was like Piccadilly circus with everyone turning up to the Thursday class (the Wednesday evening lot are lagging behind here, I think they’re all on holiday!) and then more people turning up for the afternoon session.  We had the doors flung open and all the windows wide, partly because of the heat generated by the fury of activity but also because of the overall temperature inside and out!  No need for hair dryers and blow dryers – all our varnishes were drying in the glorious sunshine – plates leaning against the flower pots.  The begonias I bought  on a whim as tiny plugs have been struggling to grow in the rain, but are finally starting to flower – trouble is I’ve only just realised that I’m not sure I even LIKE begonias!  Still – they’re serving a purpose for now…

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