"Mary Gillett’s paintings and prints have been a consistent source of stimulation for many artists working in the area. Her ability to depict the unique light of the moor, and to capture those fleeting, magical moments when a cloud briefly lifts or a shard of brightness breaks through seems to motivate and galvanise those around her. Through her printing workshop, which is a mecca to a multitude of creative people, she continues to influence a wide circle." (Limekiln Gallery 2012)

Printmaking with Mary Gillett is an essential part of our lives, even though we live hundreds of miles away in the Peak District. Mary is a patient and inspiring teacher. Since our first summer school in 2016, with her encouragement and guidance, we have grown in confidence and skill, sometimes even creating a print we’re proud of! In the nicest possible way, Mary refuses to answer the question: “What should I do?” Instead, she encourages you to follow your instinct, to be bold and experiment with techniques and materials. “Take a proof and see what you’ve got”, she urges.

Pete Brown & Viki Allan

This is a workshop you can come to either as a complete beginner, an ‘old hand’, or anything in between and you will be welcomed by Mary with equal enthusiasm. Her warm and friendly approach belies a high standard of professionalism and allows students to develop at their own pace, whatever their skills level.

This is much more than just a workshop – it is a Community – and to work in such a group, even for a day, is to enjoy something all too rare these days – a deeply rewarding experience.

Marcia Pirie

That was exactly the way to begin to learn about printing – with your patient guidance and surrounded by a great bunch of people. I wouldn’t have changed a thing – so thank you very much – loved it!

Sue Hardy

The workshop space, the garden, the cat, the shared lunches with the other very interesting participants and your help and encouragement were all part of my allowing myself to try again.

I have since gone on to go to a print workshop every Friday, to have three pieces in a mixed print show in a local gallery in March, to being accepted into an art collective in Newport Pembs. and this week to SELLING my first print!!!!!!! Thank you very much Mary for your part in all of it.

Janie Harrison

Mary Gillett’s printmaking workshops are truly inspirational. I am a professional painter who was able to catch up with my lost printmaking skills and learned many more new techniques in a very well organised, fun loving working environment.

Madeleine Strobel

I have just heard that I have got two of my three pieces of work into the RWA Autumn exhibition and having also got two pieces into the recent BITE exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything over the last three years. 

The wonderful mix of people who come – from varied backgrounds and experiences – make it such fun place to be. I always leave the workshop reluctantly and buzzing with thoughts and ideas for my work that have been triggered by the lively discussions and exchanges of information that go on. I feel so fortunate to have found such a supportive and inspiring place and teacher.

Fiona Smart

As usual, a huge thank you for an excellent two day colour printing course and for all the trouble you took to make it run smoothly. For me, the most helpful aspects were – the chance to see your plates in conjunction with the finished prints and to hear you describe how you arrived at the finished article- the chance to see your plates in conjunction with the finished prints and to hear you describe how you arrived at the finished article, the very hands-on approach to learning the different techniques, endless encouragement for all of us ( again, as usual), excellent company and a lot of fun.

Alison Pinney

What a wonderful, and probably life-changing week.  The chance of a life-time spent with your excellent, gentle tuition and the entertaining company of fellow students.  I would feel very privileged to be able to work with you again sometime in the future.

Wendy Rhodes

It was such a good day that I had with you and very good to start learning a new technique which I hope to be able to develop further.  Very exciting.  I enjoyed the contact I had with the others in the group and was particularly pleased to meet you.  Thanks so much for all your help and for making it such a fun and stimulating experience. 

Penny Elder